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PENELA 2008 (Portugal)

Organization: Câmara Municipal de Penela / Junta de
Freguesia do Espinhal
Curator: Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa


1) The contest is open to all caricaturists living in
2) The subject matter of the exhibition is: Justice
(the lawyers exercise, being a Judge, the Laws,
Justice, the Courts)
3) Each artist can send until 4 works in black and
white with the maximum format of A4, in all
techniques and styles (the works done by computer sent
in a computer support - CD or disquette with 300dpis
or Jpeg - must also be submitted in a A4 print ,
hand signed and numbered 1/1) as caricature ,
cartoon, humor drawing, comic strip , comics (story in
one page only) and these should be identified on the
back of the drawing with the name of the artist,
address, email, telephone number and income tax
4) The works will be awarded by a Jury and the awards
will be :
1st prize - € 2.000,0
2nd prize - € 1.500,00
3rd prize - € 1.000,00
5) The Jury has the right not to exhibit any submitted
work with no quality
6) The Caricatures which are awarded prizes become the
property of the organisers. After the exhibition, all
the other works will be returned to the artists with a
7) All exhibited artists give the right to the
organisers to use, publish and exhibit caricatures
without compensation or payment , for the promotion of
the exhibition
8) Works must be submitted until April 28th 2008 to I
Bienal de Humor Luís d'Oliveira Guimarăes, Sector de
Cultura, Câmara Municipal de Penela, Praça do
Município, 3230-253 Penela - Portugal
9) The I Bienal de Humor Luis d'Oliveira Guimarăes
will take place between June 7h and September 22nd


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The prison inmates arent useless any more. They should each be given a 'miraculas vial', they have the ability to talk to Angels and to ask them to materialize a small speck of healthy medication in the empty vial you give them. The prisoners will look closely inside their vials every morning to determine if they accummulated a tiny bit of chemical drug given to them by the Christian Angels. Give them a list of different types of drugs to request for, let them choose wich one drug type they will get manifested inside their vials. Then when it works you have a new drug to study and mass produce.

Develop a small chip thats meant to be the spot where one molecule would be able to appear. First make a nano-box or nano-hole in the center of the chip where the single magic molecule might be found. Once this is done give one chip to each prisoner to put in the vile they each have.