2008. február 17., vasárnap



Most kaptam ezt a levelet. Ez is egy lehetőség a jövőre, melyet a háló kínál. Én már regisztráltam. Tegyétek ti is ezt. Ki tudja mi sülhet ki belőle. Egy viszont biztos, ártani nem árt!

German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT (www.zeit.de) has asked for a test run on international cartoons/caricatures of current affairs.
By carrying out the test, drawings will NOT be published but used for non-public page dummies only.
By co-operation between toonpool.com and DIE ZEIT, new cartoons logoon relevant topics will be published starting in March 2008, if this one and a further test will be successful.
Joining artworks have to be uploaded by the artists on www.toonpool.com first !
(We guarantee that your artworks will not be used without receiving your personal permission and negotiating royalties before).
We will keep you informed...
Best regards,
Bernd Pohlenz, Cartoonist

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