2009. február 20., péntek

big boat

We invite everyone to take part in the 4th edition of the Big Boat of Humour competition.

In Polish, the word ŁÓDŹ means a vehicle propelled by sails, oars or engine, used as a means of water transport. Almost all around the world, it carries symbolic connotations:
it is an allegory of human fate in both individual and collective dimension,it is associated with courage, when imagining sailors embarking on a voyage across rough oceans, it symbolizes human longing for adventure and some change in life.
Łódź is also the name of the second largest city in Poland which is an inland city with no access to navigable waters. We hope that the name of our metropolis will become an inspiration for graphic artists, especially those with a flair for satire. The theme should be taken up with humour, with panache and perhaps with a bit of poetry...
This explanation, indispensable to foreigners, is also aimed at the Poles, for whom the popular usage of the name of the city might have blurred the sharpness of its paradox.
For the fourth time, the Big Boat of Humour invites all the drawers who would like to face the theme of Lodz, but also – a theme of the city, the technical organization that requires constant reconstruction and renovation. The renovation process often causes frustration among citizens, triggers nostalgic feelings towards the ‘old’, more ‘friendly’ shape of the city but at the same time – gives hope for the ideal city of the future.
City in reconstruction
How does this year’s theme influence the imagination of artists? We hope to see the results in the contest’s exhibition.

Best regards
Piotr Kasiński

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